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Global Biomass PLC Corporation

Global Biomass PLC Corporation (“GBC”) is a Philippine based company dedicated to the development of Biomass Fuel solutions in partnership with the Agricultural Industry. GBC Biomass Solutions do not in any way compete with the Human Food Chain.

GBC is invested and owned Forty Per Cent (40%) by Global Biomass PLC (“GB”) of the United Kingdom. GB is a UK registered Public Company dedicated to the development of Biomass as an Alternative Fuel.

Global Biomass PLC Corporation

GBC owns and operates three regionally based Companies within the Philippines: Global Biomass PLC Luzon Inc. (“GBL”), Global Biomass PLC Visayas Inc. (“GBV”), and Global Biomass PLC Mindanao Inc., (“GBM”) Each Regional Based Company operates a Biomass Research & Development Laboratory to optimize the delivery of Biomass as an Alternative Fuel.

GBC currently delivers up to 800 tons of Biomass daily as an Alternative Fuel from their operations base at San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija in Luzon, the Philippines. These operations are expanding rapidly as conventional Fossil Fuels increase in cost and customers choose to lower their Carbon Footprint through the utilization of Indigenous – Alternative – Carbon Neutral – Biomass Fuels to displace Fossil Fuels such as Oil and Coal.

GBC activities encourage "Best Practices" within the agricultural and food processing industries waste management sectors. Through our "Biomass Fair Pricing Policy", the company ensures that the farming community receives a good and fair price for agricultural waste that ensures a significant additional income to our host community that alleviates poverty and provides opportunity to our partners in development.

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