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The Philippines is an Agricultural Society and GBC Biomass is partially derived from the abundant supply of Biomass Residues readily available throughout the Archipelago. It is GBC’s intention to aggressively expand their Alternative Fuels business 100% per annum over the next five years.

GBC currently delivers up to 800 tons of Biomass daily as an Alternative Fuel from their operations base at San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija in Luzon, the Philippines. These operations are expanding rapidly as conventional Fossil Fuels increase in cost and customers choose to lower their Carbon Footprint through the utilization of Global Biomass PLC CorporationIndigenous – Alternative – Carbon Neutral – Biomass Fuels to displace Fossil Fuels such as Oil and Coal.

GBC has recently signed three 25-year Biomass Supply Agreements (“BSA’s”) with Global Green Power PLC Corporation (“GGPC”) subsidiary companies; Green Power Panay Philippines Inc., Green Power Nueva Ecija Philippines Inc., and Green Power Pangasinan Philippines Inc. (GGPC is a long-term customer of GBC). The three BSA’s call for the delivery of 460 tons of Biomass to each of the Power Plants daily for a period of 25-years. GBC have also signed Memorandums of Agreement to develop Biomass Solutions for nine additional Global Green Power PLC Corporation Biomass Power Plants within the Philippines. Each Biomass Power Plant is initially developed to produce 17.5 MW of electricity however each location can be increased to 35 MW. In total GGPC plans to develop four hundred and twenty megawatts (420 Mw) of Decentralized, Grid Connected, Clean and Renewable Energy over the next eight years (

GBC operates under the Philippines Renewable Energy Act and the Philippines Biofuels Act that offer considerable fiscal and non-fiscal incentives and works closely with the Philippine Government to develop Indigenous Alternative Fuels.

In October 2008 GBC signed a comprehensive agreement with the Philippine Agricultural Development and Commercial Corporation (“PADCC”) to develop Biomass as an Alternative Fuel throughout the Philippine Archipelago. The PADCC is a Government Corporation tasked with the development of Alternative Fuels in partnership with the Private Sector.

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